After weeks of summer holidays staying up late, zoning out in front of the TV or computer screen, lots of free play, and eating snacks throughout the day, kids need to make quite an adjustment as they head back to school routines.

Here are our tips to help ease your children back into the routine of school.

Bring bedtime forward and ease into it with some quiet conversation time, reading or music. Multiple studies have shown that the glowing light from electronic devices and computer screens can disrupt sleep cycles so it’s best to try and get your children to turn these off an hour before bedtime. This can be tough so maybe you could try introducing the music, conversation time or reading as a replacement to the devices. 

Reduce the stress in the morning by laying out clothes the night before and trying to get as organised as possible. Make a healthy breakfast and application of sunscreen pre-school rituals. A recent study has shown the links between dietary behaviours associated with academic achievement in school-aged children. It proves just how important a good healthy breakfast and other nutrition decisions actually are in regards to children’s education achievements

A well designed backpack can help your child stay comfortable getting to and from school. It shouldn’t be more than 3cm above your child’s shoulders and not lower than their hips. Especially important if your child rides a bike or walks to school or to catch the bus so worth taking the time to get this right.

If it’s practical, walking to school gives kids a great start to the day. Find out if there’s a ‘walking school bus” in your area. They’re good for getting to know the neighbourhood and making new friends.

Have a look online for ideas for inexpensive, tasty and healthy school lunches. For example Get your kids involved and get them excited about eating healthy too by being able to choose what they would like in their lunches from a healthy website and perhaps helping to bake a couple of things on a Sunday if its practical.
Some other healthy lunchbox websites/blogger resources you might find helpful are:

Head lice and nits are a fact of school life, and you will be lucky if your child manages to avoid them. If an outbreak of head lice does occur at school it can be annoying but not harmful to health – seek advice from your pharmacist about treatment options.

Support them in their school work – find out from their teacher what you can do to help at home, make sure they have a suitable place to do their homework as well as a desired time to get it done and help them set goals for the year.

Last but definitely not least. Celebrate their successes! Follow their progress, show a true interest and let your child know how proud you are of them when they achieve goals or milestones

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