We have received a clarification from EFTPOS NZ regarding the situation recently in regards to the transactions that have showed up in some of our customers’ bank accounts .
We have provided the excerpts of the letter from EFTPOS NZ that they have sent to us.

“Here’s a brief summary on our call,

You were experiencing a fault with your terminal where you couldn’t process any transactions live (meaning it was approved and deduced from your customers bank account then and there).

Our terminals have the ability to process transactions in an offline state so the information is stored within itself until it can be uploaded.

We had arranged for your terminal to be replaced and it was returned to our warehouse along with the stored transactions.

Our priority is to action replacement terminals first and then during gaps our team at the warehouse go through the inward returns which is why there was such a long delay from when we had received your terminal to those transactions being uploaded. We suspected a communication problem with this faulty terminal at your site so we were able to successfully upload those transactions at the warehouse.

Again, we apologies for the massive inconvenience this has caused and for the stress it caused your patients and staff. “

The above message is from the technical Support Representative of EFTPOS New Zealand.

We again regret the stress and inconvenience caused to our customers as a result of this and sincerely apologise for the same.

Administration Team

Putaruru Tirau Family Doctors

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